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Read e-book online Arnor: The Land (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP) PDF

By Wesley J. Frank

ISBN-10: 1558062882

ISBN-13: 9781558062887

Publication via Frank, Wesley J.

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The heat of the day is lifting now but the night is still close around you, the sweet and sickly stench of sap drying thick and heavy in the air You feel a trickle of sweat slip beneath your collar Ahead, the sound of water is quieter than usual Summer has dried the land and the rivers, but for that you are thankful It means you can bury the bundle where none will find it You claw down into the soil, pulling aside stones and gravel Then you push the desperate mass into the earth and cover it over burying yourself with it in some small way It is over you tell yourself No one ever need know what you have done.

Kirkhope strode briskly after him, buttoning the coat against the chill night air. At least he would not have to kill another baby tonight. * * * Extract from Observations and Analysis, A Journal. ' Adric asked. The Doctor shook his head. Our former travelling companion turned to me with the same question. ‘I don't know,' I replied truthfully. ' 'I should have thought it was obvious,' Adric said truculently. 'Leaving behind all of those still living. But death does have its compensations. I can talk with Varsh whenever I want and meet others who have passed over.

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Arnor: The Land (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP) by Wesley J. Frank

by Daniel

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