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By Kenneth Warren

ISBN-10: 1349109940

ISBN-13: 9781349109944

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Armstrong, the engineers, armament makers and naval shipbuilders used to be manage in 1847 through William Armstrong at Elswick, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This booklet analyzes Armstrong's eighty years upward thrust, decline and reorganization, treating it, in many ways, as a case examine of British commercial malaise.

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Elswick Works: Foundation and Armaments 17 three-and-a-half years of operations, in which Elswick and Woolwich had been running in harness. Inevitably therefore the new company had to look overseas for orders. In the process it became one of the first of a handful of international arms suppliers. It also began to evolve into a naval shipbuilder. 3 A Managerial Team William Armstrong, the technical partner of the five who set the construction of the Elswick works in train in 1847, remained for over half a century directly and actively involved in the company which carried his name.

16 By the late 1870s a breach was opening between Armstrong and Stuart Rende!. As early as 1877 George had spoken to Sir William and to Noble about Stuart's wish to enter Parliament. As it was put, Armstrong saw no real advantage to the firm in such a move. 17 Even in this Andrew Noble seems to have lent his support to the Rendels. By 1880 Hamilton Rende! was observing that Noble was anxious that George should endorse what they were doing about Stuart's financial interests in the firm when he quitted in order to enter Parliament.

Armstrongs absorbed some of these operations. In 1863 William Palliser introduced a system for strengthening and utilising old cast iron ordnance for use in land defence and practice. He also produced projectiles and made bold claims for the low cost improvement of cast iron shot. In 1866 a Memorandum of Agreement was drawn up with the Armstrong Company whereby Palliser gave them rights to extensive manufacture of his wrought and cast iron guns. In return he obtained a royalty, about the size of which he periodically complained.

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