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Download e-book for iPad: Arms & Equipment Guide (AD&D 2nd Ed Rules Supplement, DMGR3) by TSR Staff

By TSR Staff

ISBN-10: 1560761091

ISBN-13: 9781560761099

Lavishly illustrated, this booklet presents helpful descriptions and diagrams for various armors, guns, and barding, in addition to very important goods of garments and gear. this can be the fundamental quantity for the well-equipped Dungeons and Dragons personality.

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The Mad King Returns!

Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon succeeded in rescuing Tchazzar, the misplaced king of Chessenta and a powerful pink dragon. Upon his go back Tchazzar rewards them enormously, sends them again to the frontlines--and names himself a god. more and more erratic within the battle opposed to the strong dracolich, Tchazzar starts off to maneuver in ways in which make Aoth suspicious that the Brotherhood should be only a pawn in a cutthroat draconic video game that places entire kingdoms at risk--a online game performed for a stakes of gold and blood.

Whisper of Venom good points the go back of renowned personality Aoth and his mercenary band, the Brotherhood of the Griffin, brought in Richard Lee Byers's trilogy The Haunted Lands. awesome artwork and Byers's signature twisted plots make this a must have for all actual Forgotten Realms® lovers.

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Arms & Equipment Guide (AD&D 2nd Ed Rules Supplement, DMGR3) by TSR Staff

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