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Read e-book online Ancient Siege Warfare. Persians, Greeks, Carthaginians and PDF

By Duncan B Campbell

ISBN-10: 1841767700

ISBN-13: 9781841767703

Когда тактика осады стала неотъемлемым условием успеха в войне, генералы перед инженерами и учеными поставили задачу разработать тактику, прорыва обороны и блокады города с помощью фокусов и обмана. Это увлекательное исследование отслеживает изменения в тактике осады от Древней Персии (6 веке до н. э.) до осад, осуществляемых Римом 2-й век до нашей эры), описывая широкий спектр оборудования и техники, которые использовались в этот период.

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M. 42 Difficulties were more apparent in the support and reserve trenches, where the gas cloud, moving at very high speed, was smelled before any receipt of warning. The gongs and klaxon horns which were used to warn the front-line trenches could not be heard in the rear because the noise of rifle and gun fire. The gas was felt as far back as Vlamertinghe, some 8500 yards behind the line. Although the men suffered heavily from having to wear their helmets for two hours, and were soon exhausted if they had to march even 400 yards with their helmets on, the helmets proved remarkably effective.

8 Although the navy never used chemical weapons in the First World War, a defensive policy was established requiring individual protection and the provision of gas-proofing and The Failure of Disarmament 37 decontamination devices aboard ship. A special navy board reported in June 1918, advocating the development of an armour-piercing shell with a non-lethal gas filler- a plan which was never implemented. 9 As soon as the war ended, the War Department mounted a campaign to disband the Chemical Warfare Service.

Such attacks were inherently unpredictable because they always depended upon the speed and direction of the wind. The Germans were additionally handicapped since the prevailing winds in Flanders came from a westerly direction. To mount the attacks required immense organisation and consumed valuable labour, not least in the furtive night-time installations. Commanders on both sides reported the intense dislike of the labour involved and the danger to their own troops from the proximity of the cylinders.

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Ancient Siege Warfare. Persians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans 546-146 BC by Duncan B Campbell

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