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Download e-book for kindle: Algebraic geometry 3. Further study of schemes by Kenji Ueno

By Kenji Ueno

ISBN-10: 0821813587

ISBN-13: 9780821813584

Algebraic geometry performs a big function in different branches of technological know-how and know-how. this is often the final of 3 volumes through Kenji Ueno algebraic geometry. This, in including Algebraic Geometry 1 and Algebraic Geometry 2, makes a great textbook for a path in algebraic geometry.

In this quantity, the writer is going past introductory notions and provides the idea of schemes and sheaves with the target of learning the houses precious for the total improvement of contemporary algebraic geometry. the most themes mentioned within the ebook contain measurement idea, flat and correct morphisms, general schemes, tender morphisms, crowning glory, and Zariski's major theorem. Ueno additionally provides the speculation of algebraic curves and their Jacobians and the relation among algebraic and analytic geometry, together with Kodaira's Vanishing Theorem.

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Moreover, let F be a coherent OX –module. 2) Definition. A flattening stratification of F over S is a finite collection {Si }i∈I of disjoint locally closed subschemes of S such that S is the set theoretic union of the Si , and such that, for each morphism g: T → S, we have that FT is flat over T if and only if g −1 Si is open and closed in T . In other words, given a morphism g: T → S from a connected scheme T , then FT is flat over T if and only if g factors via one of the Si . 3) Proposition.

Let Ti = g −1 (ϕi (Xi )), and let gi : Ti → ϕ(Xi ) be the morphism induced by g. We obtain a unique morphism ψi : Ti → Xi such that ϕi ψi = gi . Denote by σi the image of ψi by the inclusion hXi (Ti ) → F (Ti ). The element (σi )i∈I ∈ i∈I F (Ti ) has the same image by p1 and p2 since gi |Ti ∩ Tj = gj |Tj ∩ Tj . Since F is a Zariski sheaf we obtain a unique element σ ∈ F (T ) that maps to (σi )i∈I by F (T ) → i∈I F (Ti ). We have thus constructed a map 12 January 2006 9. 4 hX (T ) → F (T ). The map is injective since the map i∈I hXi (Ti ) → i∈I F (Ti ) is injective.

1 10. The Quotient functor. 1) Setup. Given a scheme S and a locally free OS –module E of rank r + 1. We assume that S is locally noetherian, that is, S can be covered by open affine subschemes Spec A such that A is a noetherian ring. Let P(E) be the r–dimensional projective space over S associated to E and let X be a closed subscheme of P(E) and ι: X → P(E) the corresponding closed immersion. Denote by f : X → S the structure morphism of X. Finally let F be a coherent OX –module. 2) Note. Let F → F be a surjection of coherent OX -modules.

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Algebraic geometry 3. Further study of schemes by Kenji Ueno

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