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Download PDF by Kenji Ueno: Algebraic Geometry 2: Sheaves and Cohomology

By Kenji Ueno

Sleek algebraic geometry is equipped upon basic notions: schemes and sheaves. the speculation of schemes used to be defined in Algebraic Geometry 1: From Algebraic types to Schemes, (see quantity 185 within the related sequence, Translations of Mathematical Monographs). within the current booklet, Ueno turns to the idea of sheaves and their cohomology. Loosely talking, a sheaf is a manner of keeping an eye on neighborhood details outlined on a topological area, resembling the neighborhood holomorphic services on a posh manifold or the neighborhood sections of a vector package deal. to review schemes, it truly is invaluable to check the sheaves outlined on them, specifically the coherent and quasicoherent sheaves. the first software in realizing sheaves is cohomology. for instance, in learning ampleness, it really is usually important to translate a estate of sheaves right into a assertion approximately its cohomology.

The textual content covers the $64000 issues of sheaf conception, together with forms of sheaves and the elemental operations on them, reminiscent of ...

coherent and quasicoherent sheaves.
proper and projective morphisms.
direct and inverse pictures.
Cech cohomology.

For the mathematician strange with the language of schemes and sheaves, algebraic geometry can look far-off. although, Ueno makes the subject look usual via his concise type and his insightful factors. He explains why issues are performed this manner and vitamins his motives with illuminating examples. consequently, he's capable of make algebraic geometry very available to a large viewers of non-specialists.

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This is just a reformulation of the homogeneity properties, in view of the proposition. ) Thus, if 0( = (ca ~), J (0<, "t') ( a1:' + C'r + b)' _ d (ac1:' + ad - ~ =7. ac~ - , (DCESL ( 7l)). 2 cb)/(c~ + d) 2 (C1: + d)-2 hope that this function will never be confused with the modular ~e invariant J = g~/ f:. ) The corollary can be reformulated as for 't= ~ Hand 0( E: J(~(~)) When 0( 't~ ~ + = -k G2k (T) SL 2 ( 7l). Also for example G2k(<«~)) J(<<,~) = J(L) is of the form (~ (k > 1) (by homogeneity of degree 0).

In case f has zeros or poles on the sides, f'lf will have simple poles on the sides, and the usual modification of the contour has to be made. By hypothesis f'lf has no pole on the top horizontal part of ~DR and if the modified contour is as shown on the picture (we suppose there that only one pole occurs on the vertical sides, and only one pole occurs on the portion Jzl = 1, -l

The correction to bring to the formula giving this dimension for small degrees is due to Roch. Riemann only gave the formula for divisors of degree sufficiently high, with an exact bound. ) We come finally to the cohomological interpretation of the theta functions and classes of divisors, by introducing the structure sheaf 0 of E (sheaf of germs of holomorphic functions on E), and its subsheaf of units 17~ (sheaf of germs of nowhere vanishing holomor- phic functions). Let also ~ denote as usual the normalized exponential (of period 1) considered as sheaf homomorphism kernel is the constant sheaf ~, e: 0 ~ ~~ .

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Algebraic Geometry 2: Sheaves and Cohomology by Kenji Ueno

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