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By Naihuan Jing

ISBN-10: 9812384464

ISBN-13: 9789812384461

Algebraic combinatorics has advanced into the most lively parts of arithmetic over the last a number of many years. Its contemporary advancements became extra interactive with not just its conventional box illustration concept but additionally algebraic geometry, harmonic research and mathematical physics.

This e-book provides articles from a few of the key individuals within the quarter. It covers Hecke algebras, corridor algebras, the Macdonald polynomial and its deviations, and their family with different fields.

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1 1 1 1 ? c fa can be broken at 0 and transformed to ? ? Using the braid relations in W one easily shows that if ro £ R(w\), then, after breaking a ribbon in D, we get D' such that rr,/ g R(w\). In the case of the push down operation, it is clear that we get D' with ro — ru1 ■ Note that any configuration of boxes D C Da such that m e R(w\) can be o o obtained from D\ C Du by a sequence of operations of the above described two types. 9. ( "Maximal deformation" of D\ C D^) 42 HAIBAO DUAN AND PIOTR PRAGACZ • Pick the lowest ribbon.

We hope that it will be useful also for topologists. The space CSn has two connected components, each isomorphic to the homogeneous space SO(2n,C)/U(n) or SO(2n,C)/P, where P is the maximal parabolic corresponding to omitting the "right end root". t. to the orthogonal form induced by the scalar product, and as such, it is also known as the orthogonal Grassmannian. With the help of the group-theoretic description, we can use the char­ acteristic map of Borel [Bo], and - via the theory of Bernstein-GelfandGelfand [BGG] and Demazure [De] - divided differences of type D to study the intersection theory on the space in question.

We get d 0= ^2drD(fa)-d^(er), o o the sum over all D c D^. The summand corresponding to a subset D C is not zero only if # D = d e g / a and #(£>M \D) = r. By the choice of dro(fa) = 0 if TD £ R(w\), and equals 1 if ro G R(w\), and thus we the desired equality. 5. This use of an iterated Leibniz-type formula to compute the multiplicities dp stems from a series of papers of Ratajski and the second author (cf [P2]). It was also known to Kostant and Kumar - see [KK]. 6. Let a C p(n — 1) be a strict partition.

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