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Download e-book for kindle: Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste by Martin Hayes, R. H. Stewart

By Martin Hayes, R. H. Stewart

The lifestyles and instances of Britains such a lot notorious son. Occultist, genius, poet, prophet, mountaineer, drug and free-love pioneer, secret agent, pupil, and all-round undesirable egg. Summoner of demons and loser of associates. A prophet who desired to shop mankind yet ended his days often called “The Wickedest guy within the World.”

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It was that dim grey hour when things are just creeping out of darkness, when everything is colourless and clear cut, and yet unreal. I got up, and went down into the great hall, and so out upon the flagstones in front of the palace. I thought I would make a virtue of necessity, and see the sunrise. `The moon was setting, and the dying moonlight and the first pallor of dawn were mingled in a ghastly half-light. The bushes were inky black, the ground a Korean acquaintance: 지식, 알고 있음, 면식, 아는 사람, 잘아는 사람, 익히 알고 있음, 안면, 숙지, 아는 사인.

Humanity had been strong, energetic, and intelligent, and had used all its abundant vitality to alter the Korean connubial: 결혼의, 부부의, 부부로서, 결혼생활의. contagious: 전염성의, 전염적으로, 전염독이 있는, 옮기 쉬운. energetic: 정력적인, 원기왕성한. fungi: 갑자기 생기는 것, 진균류. gloriously: 멋지게, 빛나게, 훌륭히, 기분이 썩 좋게, 근사하게. hither: 이쪽의, 여기로, 이리로, 여기에. preventive: 예방의, 예방법, 방지하는 물건, 방지하는, 예방적인, 예방약, 예방책. putrefaction: 부패, 부패물, 작용. self-devotion: 헌신. self-restraint: 자제, 근신. slightness: 조금, 적음, 연약함, 사소함, 실질이 없음, 하찮음, 시시함, 미량, 근소, 몸이 호리호리함. tenderness: 유연함, 마음이 무름, 민감, 애정, 유연, 친절, 다정.

Well, on the third day of my visit, that was how the world of Eight Hundred and Two Thousand Seven Hundred and One presented itself to me! `That day, too, I made a friend--of a sort. It happened that, as I was watching some of the little people bathing in a shallow, one of them was seized with cramp Korean bathing: 수영, 멱감기수영복 차림의 미인, 목욕. civilization: 개화, 문명, 교화, 문명국, 인구 밀집지, 도시, 문명 국민, 문화 생활, 문명세계, 문명 사회, 문명 세계. confess: 자인하다, 자백하다, 고해를 듣다, 고해하다, 참회하다, 고백하다, 자공하다, 공언하다. decadent: 쇠미한, 쇠비한, 퇴폐적인, 데카당파의 예술가, 데카당트, 데카당파의 문인.

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Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste by Martin Hayes, R. H. Stewart

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