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Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced - download pdf or read online

By Sean Reynolds

ISBN-10: 0786914130

ISBN-13: 9780786914135

Booklet by way of Reynolds, Sean

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Their poison, save or die); invisibility hides all contents, including asps. Six pieces of jewelry (ld4X 1,000 g p value each). Coffer #4 Trap: See the treasure. Contents: Seven highly crafted, carved statues of unknown mineral and workmanship. )-if the character needs to roll low, the penalty manifests as a plus; if he or she needs to roll high, it manifests as a negative. All radiate a dim evil force. Chest #1 Contains weakness gas (forms ten-foot-radius cloud, all within who fail their saves have their Strength scores halved for ld4 hours).

Guardpost: Two fire giants are on duty here at all times Each has 79 hit points, is armed with sword and spear, and has four boulders nearby An iron cylinder hanging near the north wall is struck to sound the alarm if intruders are seen. This torchlit chamber has twelve cots, eight stools, eight boxes, a table, a bench, and pegs with various garments and the like. Each giantess wears ld3 pieces of silver jewelry worth ld4X 100 g p each (reduce value by 90% if damaged by spells or combat). 25. Barracks: Eight fire giants (hp 98,87,78,75, 74 X2,72,68) are loafing and gaming among the ten cots, ten chests, table, two benches, four stools, and large wardrobe that fill this place, There are several pegs here and there, and they hold cloaks, capes, shields, and five bags.

If all six hit simultaneouslythe victim loses 1point of Dexterity, permanently, in addition to being numbed for six sounds. Eclavdra has memorized the following spells: 1st level-cause light wounds, curse, darkness, endure cold ( xZ), fear 2nd level--hold person (XZ), know alignment, silence 15' radius (X3) 3rd level-ause 37 blindness, cause disease, dispel magic, prayer 4th level--rause serious wounds, cure serious wounds, poison 5th leveI--flame strike, true seeing. In addition, all these drow can employ the following spells once per day: dancing Iights,faeriefire, darkness, detect magic, know alignment, levitate.

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Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 25th Anniversary adventure) by Sean Reynolds

by James

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