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Download e-book for iPad: Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. 5 by Claude S. Hudson, etc.

By Claude S. Hudson, etc.

ISBN-10: 012007205X

ISBN-13: 9780120072057

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3- [a-~-G~ucopyranosyl]-~-arabinopyranose. VII. Formation of Sucrose and Other Disaccharides through Exchange of Glycosidic Linkages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 31 33 35 36 36 36 37 38 39 41 41 43 43 46 I. INTRODUCTION Sucrose is commercially the most important and quantitatively the most abundant sugar in the vegetable kingdom. It is readily formed as the result of the photosynthetic activity of practically all higher plants, constituting a reserve material used in cell respiration.

Since p-D-fructose and a-L-sorbose have the same configuration for their second carbon atoms4O (see V), it is necessary to designate the ketose portion of the disaccharide as a-L-sorboside. It is noteworthy that D-fructose, which has a pyranose structure in the free crystalline state, assumes a furanose configuration whenever it combines with another sugar to form an oligosaccharide or polysaccharide. Apparently the ketohexose csorbose shows the same behavior. VI. SYNTHETIC REDUCING DISACCHARIDE 3-[~ ~ - D ~ ~ u c o p ~ r a n o s y ~ ] - L - ayranose rab~nop This disaccharide,a0 formed from a-D-glucose-1-phosphate and carabinose under the influence of the enzyme from P .

Chem. , 969 (1947). (64) D. A. Prins, J . Am. Chem. , 70, 3955 (1948); H. Hauenstein and T. Reichatein, Helv. Chim. Ada, 92, 22 (1949). (66) M. L. Wolfrom and J. V. Karabinos, J . Am. Chem. , 68,724, 1455 (1946). (66) Personal communication from Dr. J. V. Karabinos. Subsequent work on the reduction of steroid acids by Spero, McIntosh and Levin (ref. 12) has shown that Raney nickel partially deactivated by acetone is particularly suitable for the desulfurization of thiol esters to aldehydes. DESULFURIZATION BY RANEY NICKEL 23 freshly prepared material ; almost simultaneous work by Jeger, Norymberski, Szpilfogel and Preloge7 showed that fresh Raney nickel readily carries the thiol ester over to the alcohol stage.

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Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. 5 by Claude S. Hudson, etc.

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