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By Stefan Teufel

ISBN-10: 3540407235

ISBN-13: 9783540407232

Separation of scales performs a primary function within the realizing of the dynamical behaviour of complicated structures in physics and different typical sciences. A in demand instance is the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in molecular dynamics. This ebook specializes in a contemporary method of adiabatic perturbation idea, which emphasizes the position of powerful equations of movement and the separation of the adiabatic restrict from the semiclassical limit.

A certain creation supplies an summary of the topic and makes the later chapters obtainable additionally to readers much less acquainted with the cloth. even supposing the final mathematical thought in accordance with pseudodifferential calculus is gifted intimately, there's an emphasis on concrete and correct examples from physics. functions diversity from molecular dynamics to the dynamics of electrons in a crystal and from the quantum mechanics of partly restrained platforms to Dirac debris and nonrelativistic QED.

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In Chapter 5 we discuss the massless Nelson model, which bears some similarities to the Born-Oppenheimer setting. There however, the corresponding dispersion of the slow degrees of freedom grows only linearly and their velocities are thus uniformly bounded. As a consequence, adiabatic decoupling holds uniformly for all initial states in this case. 32) implies a uniform bound also on the kinetic energy of the nuclei and thus adiabatic decoupling holds uniformly again on the finite energy subspaces.

Up to Chapter 6 we always assume a gap condition, at least locally in the configuration space of the slow degrees of freedom. In the presence of eigenvalue crossings our results permit to derive an effective Hamiltonian for a group of bands, inside of which the crossing occurs. However, the study of such an effective Hamiltonian is in itself a veritable task. Much work has been spent in order to study model Hamiltonians displaying different types of eigenvalue crossings, among which we mention only some recent work [Ha3 , HaJo1 , CLP, FeGe, FeLa, Col1 , Col2 , LaTe].

56) with ψ0 = U ∗ (0)χ0 . 57) is nothing but the T-BMT equation for the spin of a classical relativistic electron. 57) showed that the effective Hamiltonian carries important physical information also beyond the leading order term given through the so called Peierl’s substitution. A severe drawback of the derivation of the T-BMT equation via the time-adiabatic theorem is that, even at higher orders, it is impossible to see a back-reaction of the spin-dynamics on the translational motion. This is because we must a priori prescribe the classical trajectory of the particle along which we choose to compute the evolution of its spin.

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Adiabatic Perturbation Theory in Quantum Dynamics by Stefan Teufel

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