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A Theory of Syntax: Minimal Operations and Universal Grammar - download pdf or read online

By Norbert Hornstein

ISBN-10: 0521449707

ISBN-13: 9780521449700

Human language turns out to have arisen approximately in the final 50-100,000 years. In evolutionary phrases, this can be the mere blink of a watch. If this is often right, then a lot of what we think of specific to language needs to in reality contain operations on hand in pre-linguistic cognitive domain names. during this publication Norbert Hornstein, some of the most influential linguists engaged on syntax, discusses a topical set of matters in syntactic conception, together with a few unique proposals on the leading edge of study during this sector. He presents a conception of the elemental grammatical operations and means that there's just one that's certain to language. If this idea is true then this narrows the evolutionary hole among verbal and non-verbal primates, therefore facilitating the quick evolutionary emergence of our linguistic potential.

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G. reflexives) must be c-commanded by their antecedents. Let me put this in another slightly more abstract way. g. ReMerge) or the combined effect of Copy and Merge, then it is reasonable to suppose that inter-nominal dependencies are optimally coded by Move (as Move is just a species of Merge). 13 What of the other Binding principles? There are two basic approaches each of which yield the same c-command restriction. Kayne (2002) proposes that pronominal binding, like anaphoric binding, is executed via overt movement.

I abstract here from subject PGs, though the logic is the same as the real gap is always ccommanded by some expression in a higher A -position. Hornstein (2001), Nunes (2004) and Nunes and Uriagereka (2000) argue (on both empirical and conceptual grounds) that movement is always from the adjunct to the matrix. 26 Deriving c-command Another case of SWM discussed in the literature has a similar structure and conclusion. This involves sidewards A-movement resulting in adjunct control configurations as in (7).

A position similar to the one developed here is outlined in Fukui (1997). ) notes that there is a tension between the A/A principle and the requirement to carry as little material as possible under movement. (Let’s dub this “The Lightest Load Principle” (LLP). ) This tension is partially resolved in the next chapter where a version of Chomsky’s pied-piping intuition is developed. However, it is not clear what the significance of the tension is.

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A Theory of Syntax: Minimal Operations and Universal Grammar by Norbert Hornstein

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