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Download e-book for kindle: A Hybrid Theory of Metaphor: Relevance Theory and Cognitive by M. Tendahl

By M. Tendahl

ISBN-10: 0230244319

ISBN-13: 9780230244313

ISBN-10: 1349309826

ISBN-13: 9781349309825

A scary new method of how we comprehend metaphors completely evaluating and contrasting the claims made by way of relevance theorists and cognitive linguists. The ensuing hybrid thought exhibits the complementarity of many positions in addition to the necessity and chance of accomplishing a broader and extra real looking concept of our figuring out.

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The really interesting question we have to face is whether mutual manifestness in all its varieties is a possible basis for communication. Therefore, we will now focus only on those cases in which something is perceptible or inferable but has not been represented before. These are the situations which tend to be problematic. Hence, the instances I will consider in greater detail are the following two more specified versions of (15): (16) Two different kinds of manifest assumptions – without representation: (i) Assumptions which are manifest because they could, but have not yet been, representations of something an individual has perceived.

16)-(ii) will turn out to be more difficult. So, how does this work with inference rather than perception? In order to answer this we need to recall that Sperber and Wilson posit that the main difference between assumptions and manifest assumptions is that manifest assumptions can be inferred non-demonstratively. Sperber and Wilson exemplify this point by arguing that it was probably never an assumption of ours that Noam Chomsky and Ronald Reagan never played billiards together (cf. Sperber and Wilson 1986: 40).

She also wants to initiate some romantic thoughts in Gary, which he obviously does not realize. The mental representation he forms when seeing a red candle at a romantic dinner is obviously not the same as the one that Nicole forms in such a situation. Nicole’s and Gary’s cognitive environments match to a degree that enables them to talk about the object, but they do not enable Nicole and Gary to communicate what Nicole really wanted to communicate about: their romantic feelings for each other.

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A Hybrid Theory of Metaphor: Relevance Theory and Cognitive Linguistics by M. Tendahl

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