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John Norris, Mike Fuller's 88mm Flak PDF

By John Norris, Mike Fuller

ISBN-10: 1841763411

ISBN-13: 9781841763415

The German 88 mm was once by means of a long way the main well-known and flexible artillery weapon of global warfare II. It used to be first used as an anti-aircraft weapon by way of the Condor Legion through the Spanish Civil struggle and observed additional provider within the German invasions of Poland and France, the place it was once first utilized in its anti-tank position. This function was once rather winning and the 88 grew to become feared by way of tank crews from North Africa to Russia. except those major roles the 88 mm used to be used because the major weapon on late-war German tanks, as a self-propelled gun, or even as an aerial weapon. This ebook covers these kinds of versions, explaining their layout, improvement and operational use.

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88mm Flak by John Norris, Mike Fuller

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