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By Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

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113. Use a Stick to Track Wounded Game over Sandy Soil Some soil types can absorb both tracks and blood, making trailing wounded deer difficult. If the trail you’re following becomes indistinct, break off a straight stick that’s the same length as the stride of the animal you’re tracking. Place one end of the stick on the last clear track you can identify so that it’s pointing in the direction you think the animal was traveling. Look for new tracks or flecks of blood at the other end. 114. Give Deer Time to Respond to Your Rattling Most bucks do not immediately charge toward the sound of two intruders battling in their territory.

Gauge How Well Your Stand Is Hidden Using Black-and-White Images A good way to tell if your stand or blind is well concealed is to photograph yourself sitting in it during the exact hours of the day you think you’ll be hunting from it. Use a digital camera, and convert your images from color to black-and-white using the image-processing program on your computer. Deer are colorblind, so these black-and-white images will give you a good idea of the patterns, shapes, and tones that seem out of place.

Hunt All Three Phases of the Rut A good deer hunter knows that there is not just one rut, but three. The first, called the pre-rut, occurs in early October, when mature, four- and five-year-old does first come into estrus. The second, known as the peak or primary rut, runs from late October to the last week of November, and is when the majority of female deer come into heat. The third, called the post-rut or late rut, takes place twenty-eight days after the end of the primary rut, as does that were not bred during October and November come back into estrus.

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1001 Hunting Tips by Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

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