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My home is my heaven. From all the bustles of the day, you come home to relax and re-energize yourself for your next day’s activity. Colors painted in your home are crucial in soothing your tensed mind. Nice colors in home can relax you easily as it has the power to heal your spirit.

Colors have enormous impact on our minds and personality but we may not realize just how much it matters when it comes to our homes. Shade is the core of the every room design – even when you leave your walls white. The perfect shade of white ushers light in, exuding the essence of calm where you most need it. Rich hues and soft pastels lend a calming feeling to these spaces.


Blue is known to be the most stress reducing color. There is something in the color that relaxes you instantly. It connects you with blue sky or ocean. The hue is gentle and delivers tranquility. Deep blue has one more feature over blue. It is excites. According to Feng Shui wisdom, blues can even slower your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. These will feel even more nostalgic when painted in rooms facing north or west that do not get much light.

Dark gray blue:

Soothing does not necessarily equal boring. Cloudy shade of blue with gray undertones reminds quietness of a rainy day, when you can just curl up in bed and relax. It would turn any room into a refuge. To help bounce light around a room that has dark gray-blue walls, inject plenty of white elements and perhaps go for a classic bright white ceiling. Combine it with more intense shades of gray and blue if you want more impact.

Pale gray:

A light gray is the perfect color to paint a room to create a calm and relaxing environment.  The elegant neutral mimics the color of early morning and provides a restful backdrop to playful patterns and textures, like the plush stool and rich wood furniture in this serene space. Add in the elements in blue and white to complete the space.

Soft neutral green:

Shades of green promote growth and harmony which makes it the perfect color for spaces like living rooms. These are also colors taken from nature, and being surrounded by them while inside your home can elicit feelings of serenity and contentment. Beige greens and pale yellow-greens are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family. It allows you to be quiet. The light green walls and ceiling create a soothing cocoon for end of a long day.


While royal purple can definitely be an intense room color, a purple that is chalky and muted can be calming. Purple hues are thought to be stress-reducing, so this super soft one is sure to lend a calming aura. The peaceful purple is not reserved for child’s room. The pretty pastel brings out punchy accent colors without competing.

Buttery yellow:

Sweet and subtle, subdued shades of yellow guarantee you’ll wake up with a sunny disposition. The warming hue provides a cozy neutral to pops of color while keeping the room calm and spacious. Balance the buttery tone with a combination of beige and white accents.


Neutral beige on the warmer side of the spectrum will be immediately calming to a space and just stay away from colors in the orange and yellow family. Soft, neutral beige provides a versatile canvas for layering any number of looks. Earthy, laid-back designs with minimalist leanings are currently trending and work beautifully with this particular hue.

There are also some other cool color that soothe your space. Mauve is not too gray and not too violet. Its gracefulness and subtlety set the tone for a dining room. Pale and dusty pink add a relaxing feel to your space.

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