Paint Color selection Mistakes to avoid

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Color is an essential component of home designs as color inspires us, enhances and distracts our mood and concentration. We can choose color for our homes and rooms based on our color preferences. You can choose bright and bold colors to add drama or choose muted or earthy tones to add calmness to the room. Textures and tones found throughout the space can have a tremendous impact on how the color inspires a room. With many shades and tones, color selection can become one of easiest things to go wrong.

Here are some common color mistakes and how to avoid them

Ignoring the natural lighting

Most simple mistake is to not take into consideration how natural lighting affects how color appears.  You take a brighter or deeper shade of color and paint it. When there is no more natural light, your newly painted wall may seem darker and depressing than you first intended. To avoid this problem, take few paint swatches home to compare. View the paint swatches in the rooms intended in different times of day and you will be able to make best choice.

Choosing colors that are too bright

Color affects the mood of any room and color that are too clear or bright are too strong for most interiors. If you have painted one room with strong color, it might be difficult to match or harmonize colors for adjacent room with the first room. Also experimenting with bright colors to add drama can become too intense when applied to all four walls.  Different tone s and textures impact differently in different setting s and different lighting conditions.

Picking inappropriate colors for space

Different colors influence different moods from a space. Warm colors make people feel good and look good. Cool colors make people feel calm. Blues, natural greens and lavenders work best in bedrooms and living rooms. Bright yellow in bedrooms make people feel anxious. Think what mood you want to impart and what the purpose of the room is when you are selecting those paint swatches for the room.

Using trendy colors

You will be looking at the colors every day. The color you choose need to be the colors you like and not some colors that you see in latest magazines. You may like it today and in days to come you get tired or trends for that colors is already gone and you are left with outdated feel. Trendy colors can be fun and inspiring but forgoing your preferences is a great disaster. If you want to add touch of trendy colors you can add in small way like throw pillow s and fabrics to pop the color. Avoid using paint colors that are not functional. Make sure you paint your home with colors that are practical and easy to maintain.

Wrong paint finishes

Paint finishes can make your room look and feel great or detract and can show flaws in walls or painting ways. Your paint walls look great but with inappropriate sheen it may seem dull, or show color bleeds when light reflects. There is a great variety of finishes ranging from high gloss to matte. Test the finish on a small area to see how it looks before applying it on your walls. Matte finishes don’t reflect light well while high gloss reflects the most light but is usually reserved for trim.

Matching too much

Before you paint a room, choose your furnishings well. It will be difficult to match the color for furnishings with your room color than other way around. And if you are trying to match your wall color with your favorite furnishings or other décor it can overpowers or contrasts your décor. If your colors blend in too well it can be boring and nothing to stand out. Instead choose the wall color on the softer shade of your furniture that complements your furniture.

Playing it too safe

Just because your favorite color can seem like wild you avoid using that color and stay close to more muted and neutrals. Neutrals and white are your safe bet and work great in lot of spaces but sticking to those muted sections of color wheel can also make room look more drab and depressing especially in room with little natural light.

Overloading your color palette

Mixture of colors can be beautiful but too many or wrong shades together can create a disastrous and messy look, instead of being peaceful you can feel irritated. Follow with your favorite color scheme like monochromatic or triadic, understands color basics and follow 60-30-10 rule to create perfect palette.

You choose colors based on your preferences but some colors feel and look different and even convey negative vibe from a room with different lighting conditions and different textures and tones of these colors. Always test your choice of colors in different times of the day in the intended room and with different combinations of colors you want to paint in the room.

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