Front Door Colors For The Great First Impression

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Have you ever walk past a home that made you give a second look? Have you ever been attracted by the front door color? Curb appeal is important if you plan on selling your home and front door is one of the main components of the curb appeal which helps to create a lasting impression. Want to add an interest to your curb appeal? Change your front door color. Front door is the personality of your home.

It’s been said that color can say a lot about your personality as well as your personal style. Bold, bright reds are vibrant and fun. Cool blues are soft and inviting. And front door is what first greets your visitors. Front door can also say about your home’s personality: whether it is boring or inviting, outdated or stylish.

Changing front door color is simplest way to add interest to your home and make your home stand out. But how do you choose the color for your front door? Your front door is the perfect place to express yourself with color. But which color truly reflects yours?


What color to paint my front door?

It isn’t as simple as picking a favorite color then putting it at the entry of your home. Front doors make a big impact so here are some design factors to consider:


Your home’s style

Your home and its colors is a good guide to choosing front door color. Each design style usually corresponds to a specific color palette.  Classic inspired homes are usually timeless and elegant so a white front door looks fitting for it. Brown doors match perfectly with traditional home with rich color palette. Nature inspires cottage home so light blue or green suits best.

Your front door should be part of your exterior color scheme. Black doors may be classic, but can look like a dark hole, especially if you have a screen door. Take into account materials, colors inherent in those materials, style and surrounding landscape, among other factors.


Your personality

Your house is a reflection of yourself. It is also known that the color of your front door reflects the kind of home you have and the kind of person you are. Consider your style and how you wish to express yourself personally.

Choosing paint for outdoor use is a little trickier than painting interior blank walls. Natural sunlight can drastically change how a paint color looks. Test paint samples outside in various strengths of light to see how the color looks throughout the day.


Using your home’s energy

According to Feng Shui principles, the front door is where chi, or energy, enters your home. The goal is to attract good energy and have a doorway that appears warm and inviting.


Using the color wheel

Color isn’t as simple as picking a favorite shade or a lighter hue: there’s logic and a bit of science to color selection. But if the selection confuses you, a good place to start when choosing the best color for your front door is the color wheel.

The complimentary color scheme makes use of colors which are opposite each other on the color wheel, and adds contrast and dramatic feel for your house’s exterior. Analogous color schemes are more harmonious and subdued looking. It is perfect for contemporary houses.

Another option is the monochromatic color scheme which is based on different shades of same color. Give an expansive look to your home’s exterior with this color scheme. Lastly, the neutral color scheme makes use of white, black, gray and browns for the color palette. This is highly suitable for homeowners who want to achieve a timeless look. A good example would be a brown brick home with white door.

Finally when choosing the best colors for front doors, remember that your front door can be a tool that you can use to create an impact. The front door is what your guests usually see first when they enter your home, so use it wisely to make a statement. It is also considered to be the perfect opportunity for color. The impact might be subtle or it might be more direct; it might also be formal or playful.

Decide on whether you want to contrast or blend with your exterior surroundings.

Lastly, Choose the right kind of paint. Choose right kind of paint finishes depending on the quality of your door. Glossier paint may show door’s imperfections.


Colors have power to generate emotions.

Red front doors create a bold statement making your home stand out, also express sense of welcome” and give guests an inviting feel. According to feng shui principles, a red door symbolizes a positive energy flow and good luck.

Blue front doors gives the house impression of a place of refuge – serene, peaceful, calm and a relaxing retreat. A blue front door and a yellow house is one of the most well-loved exterior color palettes.

Teal front door is a perfect match for traditional yet interesting home. It can match almost any design style, from the formality of historic architecture to the quirkiness of the timeless eclectic style. Teal front doors are also perfect match for house with full wooden sidings or a white exterior.

A yellow front door gives an unexpected burst of color to your home and easily revives a boring facade. Compared to other colors, it reflects more light, thus instantly lighting up spaces and giving off a warm and welcoming feeling in your home’s exterior.

The beauty of using black for your front door color is that it offers a timeless look, which means it will not go out of style despite of different trends.

An orange front door is a bold statement which can draw people’s attention and make them feel more invited in your home. Considered to be a show stopping color, an orange front door is perfect for homeowners who want a punch of color for their modern homes.

The color white is considered to be a “fail proof color” because of the versatility and flexibility it offers in terms of design. Although commonly used for formal classic exteriors, a white front door can go well with any exterior color and architectural inspiration

Play off your surrounding landscape or introduce a new, refreshing color by painting your front door green. Whether olive, mint or lime, there’s bound to be a shade of green that can fit into your exterior palette.

A gray front door suggests composure and stability. The darker the color gets, the more dramatic it becomes. Gray front doors also give off a sense of mystery.

A brown front door brings coziness to a home. Whether, painted or stained, this classic hue contributes warmth to exteriors and makes guests feel more at home. It is also a very strong color and brings a refined statement in exteriors.

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