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DIY Project: How to Fix Peeling Paint

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There is no better place on earth than your home, and that is for sure. But what if the paint in your home starts to peel off from the walls, and makes your home look dirty and old? Peeling paint can really mess the overall look of the house. And because of this, most of the times, you don’t even want to organize social gatherings in your home, thinking, what your guests are going to say about it. Forget about the guests for a second, and think this way – wouldn’t you want your home to look beautiful and stay in the same way for a long time? So, why not fix it yourself?...

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Paint Colors for Bedrooms Using Color Psychology

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If you are looking to paint the bedrooms or other rooms in your house, it’s good to take into account color psychology when deciding wall colors. Check out our infographic which shows you how you will likely respond to different colors on walls. To view the full image, click on the image or click...

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What is Popcorn Ceiling? (Infographic)

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Popcorn ceiling is a type of ceiling that has bumpy texture. It was extremely popular in the 50’s to the 70’s, with many homes still having popcorn ceiling today. Find out more about popcorn ceiling, and why home owners are choosing to remove it in the infographic below. (Click image to view larger.)...

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How to Winterize a Power Washer (Infographic)

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Storing away an equipment like the power washer for the winter can be detrimental to its longevity. Learn how you can prevent it by safely winterizing your power or pressure washer in 9 simple steps! Click on the image for a full view. Got a burning question? Let Christian Painting answer it for you in the comment section...

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