Exterior Painting in Winter Tips

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Exterior Painting in Winter

When we are talking about house painting, we rarely think about doing it during winter. Well if we are talking about interior painting we may not have many issues but when it comes to exterior house painting, there are some doubts. Can you paint the exterior of your home during winter? Will the paint dry completely? The answer is yes. Sure cold weather can challenge adherence and drying but as long as the outside temperature is 35 °F or higher and you use the right type of paint. In recent years, paint manufacturers have developed “low temperature compatible” acrylic paints which allows...

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Why Should You Clean The Garage Floors?

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garage cleaning

Garage floors are usually ignored when it comes to painting your interiors. The dirty garage floors can be maintained and turned into some clean floors by painting them. The following are the advantages of painting your garage floors:- Clean up the dust It is obvious that the dust has made its home on the garage floors. With cleaning, applying a coat of painting will help eliminate the dust.   Balance with cleaning If your floors are painted, it attracts much less dirt than un-painted bare floors attract. This is due to the smoothness paints create.   Prevents pollutants With...

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What You Need To Know Before Painting Brick Exterior

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Painting Brick Exterior

Sure painted brick can be great look but painting brick is needs to take some risks into account as bricks are notorious for being difficult to paint as they are porous and absorb paint and once you have painted brick you cannot go back. The paint color you choose must the right choice which you can live with for years to come. Before making the final decision to take on this task, consider whether paint is right for your home’s brick exterior and learn what the work will involve. Should you paint the brick? Think carefully before painting your brick exterior. Brick aren’t intended to be...

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Tips & Tricks To Brighten a Dark or Low-light Rooms

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low light room

Not every space in your home can have ample sunlight. North facing rooms, hallways, basements, staircases are some spaces where little to no natural light is flooded. A dark dimly lit room feel drab and uninviting. Bringing light into dark room will immediately make it more appealing. While natural light is essential to choosing décor, color to your room, if making structural changes like adding windows, skylights isn’t viable you can use few of following techniques and optical illusions to add instant brightness and make your low-lit room warm and cozy space.   Paint the ceiling...

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Bringing Colors Out of Shadows of Low Light Rooms

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room color

Choosing a paint color for a room is tricky enough with personal favorites, balancing with accessories and furnishings, complementing colors and different light conditions that affect myriad of hues and shades. You paint the swatches up on walls for few days to know how color behaves in different light conditions. And when it comes to spaces that don’t get ample natural light, choosing a paint color that won’t get lost in shadows, presents a unique challenges. Insufficient natural light is common in powder rooms, hallways, basement, rooms without windows and northern exposure rooms. A...

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Cure for Your Boring Trims and Moldings

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Trim paint

When you are choosing paint colors for your home, you have myriad of hues and shades available making it easier to accentuate best features of your home giving your home unique personality. Painting a home doesn’t just include surfaces such as walls, ceiling or windows, even the small architectural details adds life and elegance to your home. Interior trim from baseboards to casings to crown moldings and railings, whether simple or ornate, is a design element that adds depth to your room’s décor but still are frequently being left with color it’s always been. Love seeing architectural...

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