Tips To Painting Over Wallpaper

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wallpaper painting

Wallpapers are a great way to cover the wall imperfections such as nails holes, add unique textures and patterns and create finished wall surface that’s difficult from a paint job. And quality wallpaper installed professionally can last up to 15 years with little maintenance. But this very durability of wallpaper can also become a hindrance for some homeowners. The designs and motif that you adored years ago may not go well with your modern décor. Stripping the wallpaper and replacing with paint may not be an easy feat for some homeowners. Sometimes there might be multiple layers of paper....

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Removing Paint Stains From Clothing

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Removing Paint Stains From Clothing

Craft and home improvement projects are messy when there’s paint involved. You take precautions like wear old clothing when crafting or painting but most times easily forgotten and get paint spilled on your favorite clothing. Or sometimes your overzealous creative children running around can have paint over their clothes and even your clothes. Or you accidentally rubbed against wet paint when doing some home renovation project. Whatever the case, paint stains are something you’ve probably experienced before. Paint stains are common but tough stains but you don’t have to throw...

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Proper & Safe Disposing of Leftover Paints

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street painting

Last article was about proper way of storing the leftover paint. This article, let’s discuss about the disposing of the leftover paint in a safer and proper way. Painting is hailed as an easy, economical way to update a room; change the feel of a room, but more often than not, you would wind up with leftover paint. The leftover paint that is too little to reuse are most often thrown in with normal waste. If there are large amounts of unused paint, it only seems sensible to store the paint. And you take great pains to store those leftover paints from your previous paint projects in the...

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Tips For Proper Storage Of Leftover Paints

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Storage Of Leftover Paints

No matter how big or small paint project you handle, there’s always a little paint left over when the job is done. You’ll probably want to keep that remaining paint in good condition for touch-ups or re-paint a scratched or damaged wall in the future. The problem however, is no one wants cans of paint inside their home. So the obvious place for storing the leftover paint would be garage or in a corner of the shed in the backyard. Where to store leftover paint? Storing paint without giving much thought means when you do need the paint, you will find it unusable. Extreme temperature changes...

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Transform Your Room with Accent Wall

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accent wall

Painting is one of the economical ways to refresh your home. But you’re afraid to use vibrant or too much dramatic color in a room. Play it safe and still make a bold statement by painting just one wall with a splash of accent color. A simple and quick way to add depth and accentuate your home interior is to paint an accent wall. It’s also a beautiful way to showcase some of your favorite décor. Or with the great paint choice, you can have the wall showcased with color only. Accenting a wall can even highlight the architectural features of a room. Accent walls contrast with primary walls...

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Reasons To Invest In House Painting

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House Painting

Painting has always been one of the most economical ways to transform your home. Since it can help boost the curb appeal of your home and increase the resell value as well, here are some of the major reasons why you should spend money in painting your home. Enhance the appearance You have hundreds of options when it comes to paint selection. From different colors to textures and design, there are countless choices for you. You can pick the right color and quality of painting for your home to boost its curb appeal. Increase the house value A good paint can easily transform the appearance of...

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