Colors For Office Productivity & Inspiration

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Colors For Office

Colors are everywhere. The type of color and its intensity plays a huge role in influencing someone’s perception of their environment. Studies have shown that colors play a vital role in influencing our decision, personality, emotions, and actions. For example, while a color with low saturation gives a soothing effect, a bright color stimulates the brain. The psychology of color in marketing and branding is more than what we think we know. This is why many people these days are investing more time and money on choosing the right color for their products and offices. Studies have shown...

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Paint Soothing Color

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Paint Soothing Color

My home is my heaven. From all the bustles of the day, you come home to relax and re-energize yourself for your next day’s activity. Colors painted in your home are crucial in soothing your tensed mind. Nice colors in home can relax you easily as it has the power to heal your spirit. Colors have enormous impact on our minds and personality but we may not realize just how much it matters when it comes to our homes. Shade is the core of the every room design – even when you leave your walls white. The perfect shade of white ushers light in, exuding the essence of calm where you most need...

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Give Life To Walls With Decorative Painting

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Decorative Painting

Did you ever think about decorative paint technique? Anything from hand-painted mural to umber color wash can achieve best result without worrying much about adhesive or mismatched seams. Convert your interior walls and ceiling into art décor giving a unique outlook and appearance to your home. There are varieties of decorative painting techniques that can help you add personality to your home. Sponging, stenciling, color washing, rag rolling, stippling and paneling are a few of the decorative paint techniques that can give your home unique charm and character. Start with understanding your...

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Role of Primer

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Painting is the cost effective defense tactics to protect the surface of anything from dust, dirt, termites, mold and mildew. It also safeguards the surface from environmental elements like heat, wind and rain. The environmental elements can cause severe damage to underlying construction materials like siding, bricks, doors and windows trim etc. Shine and gloss is common with professionally painted new building. But doing it yourself could not deliver the same result. One of the reasons behind this is you lack expertise. Normally, DIY-ers skip priming because they want to save some money as a...

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Why Professional Painter?

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professional painter

Painting is one of the cost effective investments that you can make on your home. It is amazing what a fresh coat can do to bring freshness to a house–inside and outside. Your reason for applying fresh coat of paint may be because you are going to sell your house, you are tired of old paint that has lost its shine and luster or there are cracks and peeling. Whatever the reason may be, painting increases the value of your home. Painting a house—interior or the exterior—is truly satisfying job. It seems easy enough. Just grab a can of paint and a brush or roller and start the project. ...

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White Hues as House Paint Color

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white hue

White is classic, formal and refined in style. You may think white is boring but there is nothing more beautiful than white. A white wall is timeless. Depending on the room it can be read as classic or contemporary and depending on the tint it can be warm or cool. It is regarded as perfect backdrop. The recent trend towards simplicity in décor can be summarized in just a single color—white. In fact, simply white was Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year. The versatile hue has the power to highlight certain features of your home without competing with others. Getting right white paint...

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