Front Door Colors For The Great First Impression

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Front Door Colors

Have you ever walk past a home that made you give a second look? Have you ever been attracted by the front door color? Curb appeal is important if you plan on selling your home and front door is one of the main components of the curb appeal which helps to create a lasting impression. Want to add an interest to your curb appeal? Change your front door color. Front door is the personality of your home. It’s been said that color can say a lot about your personality as well as your personal style. Bold, bright reds are vibrant and fun. Cool blues are soft and inviting. And front door is what...

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Choosing Paint for Your Closet

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Closet Designs

A fresh coat of paint can easily transform the outlook of your home. This applies to even the smaller and more private area such as closets. But closets are incredibly forgotten spaces when we talk about interior painting.  Paint color for this smaller private space would have the  same color as with rest of the room or one that was painted it was first built. For some of us, closets are a storage space to keep our clothes and other items hidden away from rest of the room, whether organized or messy. Nobody ever sees them and emptying the closets just for painting can be quite a hustle, so...

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How To Choose The Brush For Pro-Like Finish

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painting brush

Painting your home is easiest and cost efficient way to transform and customize your space. One factor that is significant to end result – for better or worse – is the brush or roller you use. Brush is just a brush, right? Wrong. A huge mistake if you think that way. A wrong tool and all your efforts are doomed and you are frustrated with end result. And with right implement in your hands, your painting project will go smoothly and the end result will have higher chances of giving a look of professional finish. A quality brush is as important to consider as quality paint. A high...

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Selecting Ceiling Paint Colors

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Ceiling Paint Colors

Ceiling is often referred to as the “fifth wall” yet its color is often overlooked a conscious design choice. Ceiling color can enhance the overall look and feel of the room so why would rules for painting ceilings be any different? You’re probably asking yourself: what color should I paint my ceiling? Should I paint my ceiling white to keep it neural?  Or go with bold colors? How to make the right choice? Learn some tips to choosing the paint color for your ceiling. STRATEGY #1: White Ceilings White is most often the go-to color for ceiling. White does have its benefits. White ceiling...

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Tips To Painting Over Wallpaper

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wallpaper painting

Wallpapers are a great way to cover the wall imperfections such as nails holes, add unique textures and patterns and create finished wall surface that’s difficult from a paint job. And quality wallpaper installed professionally can last up to 15 years with little maintenance. But this very durability of wallpaper can also become a hindrance for some homeowners. The designs and motif that you adored years ago may not go well with your modern décor. Stripping the wallpaper and replacing with paint may not be an easy feat for some homeowners. Sometimes there might be multiple layers of paper....

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Removing Paint Stains From Clothing

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Removing Paint Stains From Clothing

Craft and home improvement projects are messy when there’s paint involved. You take precautions like wear old clothing when crafting or painting but most times easily forgotten and get paint spilled on your favorite clothing. Or sometimes your overzealous creative children running around can have paint over their clothes and even your clothes. Or you accidentally rubbed against wet paint when doing some home renovation project. Whatever the case, paint stains are something you’ve probably experienced before. Paint stains are common but tough stains but you don’t have to throw...

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