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Christian Painting

Christian Painting is registered and licensed painting contractor in Pensacola. We have been maintaining sites and structures in Pensacola for over 25 years.


We provide extensive painting service for all residential needs. We specialize in painting, drywall and pressure washing services. Our employees are amongst most experienced and skilled in their field.


Our mission is to provide you with the best painting service in all of Pensacola with on time performance. So far we have been more than successful as vouched by more than 4000 satisfied customers.


We do not compromise when it comes to providing quality and durable painting services. Moreover, we deliver painting works with specified quality and within your deadline. This is why we have permanent painters in our team who are trained and qualified painting professionals.

Why Us?

We understand your painting needs

You can ask us which paint works the best for your home. We will get the job done for you with minimal interruptions.

We understand color psychology

Wall colors in a home can affect your health, mood, emotions and mind. We have a well-rounded knowledge of color psychology.

We use lead-free paints

Lead used in paints can be very dangerous for you, your children and your entire family. Inhaling even a small amount of dust particles of such paints can affect your health.

We use 100% acrylic latex paint

These paints are fade resistant so you don’t have to worry about your paint wearing off for a long period of time.


Our Services

Remodeling and Home Design

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